Benjamin Hall: Digital Artist in Residence

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An interactive game available to play in the museum.

This project is a partnership between the Museum of Oxford, Digital Artist Residency and commissioned artist, Benjamin Hall. It is inspired by Oxford and its history, and the museum’s collection.

Where the Mouth is, Benjamin Hall (2022)

Set in the Saxon-era archipelago where Oxford now stands, Where The Mouth Is (re)builds Oxfordshire as an interactive world outside of time, leaping off from the collections of the public Museum of Oxford. The interactive exhibit visualises a fantasy yet folk-historical vision of Oxfordshire as a video game artwork.

You are let loose in the swampy terrain to observe the local tradition of ‘beating the bounds’ – marking parish boundary stones with a stick in order to embed them in the memory of the town’s residents.

As part of our Hidden Histories project, Hall has spent the past 3 months researching, collecting folk tales & ancient histories, as well creating detailed 3D scans and animations of landmarks and artefacts integral to Oxford’s rich mythical history. Explore the virtual landscape for yourself and discover more about Oxford’s hidden histories.

Soundtrack by Peter Talisman (mixed from their 2021 album Lord of the Harvest) @yung_sluga @samuelorgan
Movement/ motion capture performance by Anya Sirina @anyasirina

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