Pie in the Sky Walk: Oxford and the first men and women to fly

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Uncover the inspiring, courageous and often humorous story of the remarkable James Sadler (1753–1828): an uneducated High Street pastry chef; hot-air balloon pioneer; designer of engines, guns and laboratory equipment; naval chemist; and creator of ‘Philosophical Fireworks’ (on the very site of the Museum).

This special city-centre walk of about one mile will take place 239 years to the day since Sadler first, “with Firmness and Intrepidity, ascended into the Atmosphere” from Oxford. It will be led by Sadler’s biographer, local historian Mark Davies, and include the most significant locations – religious, domestic, commercial, cultural and academic – from cradle to (impoverished) grave. Sadler, ‘King of all Balloons’, also assisted the first British woman ever to fly, and encouraged the first British woman ever to fly solo. Her 1837 ascent from Oxford will also feature.

Tickets cost £10 per person  and are available from the MOX Gift Shop or buy online (booking fee applies).

Suitable for 16+

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