The Victorians loved decorating objects by gluing paper cut-outs on them. They decorated items such as books and furniture. Decoupage’s origins, however, date back much further to the early medieval times, spreading from Siberia to China and eventually to Europe.

Our version is much simpler than traditional methods, which relied on 40 layers of clear varnish which was then sanded down.

You will need:

  • Clean plastic garden pots
  • Patterned wrapping paper
  • Old magazines
  • Scissors
  • Household paint sample pot
  • Paint brush
  • Glue
  1. First, make the surface of your garden pot suitable for decoration by either adding a coat of household paint or a coat of glue. Let the paint or glue dry.
  2. Cut out some shapes from the wrapping paper or patterns from the non-glossy magazines.
  3. Add glue to the cut-outs and stick them to the pot one at a time, slightly overlapping the shapes.
  4. Finish off your design with at least one coat of glue (you may need more coats if the pots are going outside).
Painting a flower pot
Cutting out decoupage patterns
Final decoupage flower pot designs