The new Museum is open. You can still check out our ‘Museum at home’ online and offline events and add to Oxford City Stories. In person events are also advertised on Art Tickets, our online ticket booking service.

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The new Museum is open. You can still check out our ‘Museum at home’ online and offline events and adding to Oxford City Stories. In person events are also advertised here.

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Apply for the Peter McQuitty Bursary

5 September to 30 September

Are you a young person interested in history and museum work? Check out this incredible new bursary! The Peter McQuitty Bursary is a new fund set up to encourage the

Inside Oxford Town Hall

1 October 11:00am to 12:00pm

Join the Museum of Oxford as we take you on a tour around Oxford’s magnificent Town Hall. You will see the Court Room, Council Chamber and the Lord Mayor's parlour.

Memory Lane: Schools

3 October 2:00pm to 3:30pm

Memory Lane is a programme of themed reminiscence sessions for older people. There is a short informal presentation on a topic and plenty of time to share your stories, experiences,

Looking to do something different with your lunch break? Join us the first Wednesday of every month. Shalini Amerasinghe Ganendra, is an independent scholar and recent winner of the Chevening

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Temporary exhibitions

Our temporary exhibitions are curated and created together with community groups, artists, and researchers. You can see past exhibitions here, and current ones below.

An old family photo, showing a smiling father holding a small child who is eating a chocolate bar

من الأشياء العادية

Of Ordinary Things

Until 24 September 2022

A multi-artform exhibition featuring works by members of the Iraqi Women Art & War group. Iraqi Women Art and War (IWAW) is a women’s community group based in Oxford. It gives women who have been affected by conflict an opportunity to process their experiences and tell their stories through art. The pieces in this exhibition have been created by IWAW members. They aim to capture the everyday, the lives that people try to live in the shadow of conflict, and above all how women experience war. Until 24 September 2022.

مشروع المراة العراقية الفن و الحرب هي مجموعة مجتمعية نسائية مقرها في أكسفورد. المشروع يمنح النساء المتأثرات بالنزاع والحروب فرصة لمعالجة تجاربهن ورواية قصصهن من خلال الفن

تم إنشاء القطع في هذا المعرض من قبل أعضاء المرأة العراقية الفن و الحرب. إنهم يهدفون إلى تصوير بصورة فنية الحياة اليومية ، والحياة التي يحاول الناس أن يعيشوها في ظل الصراع و الحروب ، وقبل كل شيء كيف تعايشت النساء مع الحروب

Poster composed of two black & white images side by side, one showing a young Sri Lankan woman wearing a white tennis outfit with a hat and holding a tennis racket, the other showing a white English woman wearing a white blouse and a hat, and holding a bicycle; both images appear to have been taken in the late 19th/early 20th century

Image & Identity: views from Ceylon/Sri Lanka and Oxfordshire in early colonial photographs

1 October – 31 December 2022

The Image & Identity exhibition has been curated by Shalini Amerasinghe Ganendra, cultural scholar with expertise in the understanding of early colonial photography from Ceylon (present day Sri Lanka). The exhibition aims to build awareness of the fluidity of visual perspectives, using colonial period photography as a springboard for contemporary discussions and explorations. We consider early images, as well as other colonial period documentation from Sri Lanka (the Pitt Rivers Museum collections) and Oxfordshire (from the Underhill Collection held by MOX). Images of  contemporary works by established Sri Lankan artist, Sujeewa Kumari , extend the theme of links between image , impression and time, specifically referring to colonial photography and inviting us to consider how we see those photographed people and places today.

Black and white photograph of early 20th century Cowley Rd

East Oxford Jukebox

Have fun with the jukebox where each postcard tells you a different story about the Cowley Road, its past and present. Plus a video highlighting stories of immigration to Florence Park. Please the Jukebox is located in Makers Space, our workshop and events space, and therefore access to this display may be restricted during events. Available until 31 December 2022.

Digital exhibitions

Our digital exhibitions feature fantastic local stories. Go to our Digital Exhibitions website, or click on the images below to view our featured exhibitions.

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