Ever done some research on a fascinating subject? No? We are looking for total beginners to help us put a small booklet together on 14th Century Oxford for the Museum of Oxford. We will cover the Great Famine, Black Death, Oxford Riots, Everyday Life and more. We also help the Museum with their research projects and exhibitions. We discuss issues relating to people’s projects and also issues of the groups choosing.

We are a small co-operative friendly group for any adult with little or no research experience. The group is stimulating and full of vitality! We meet on Fridays 11-1pm in the same weeks as the other groups as the Museum of Oxford. You are welcome to come along and see if this is for you.

Total beginners and those with less than higher education are most welcome.

For more information about dates and topics please contact the Group Volunteer Tutor, Katherine Hughes – katherineihughes@yahoo.co.uk

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